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The Australian National University

Associate Professor Don Driscoll

BSc(Melb), BSc(Hons)(ANU), PhD(UWA)
Associate Professor
ANU College of Science

Areas of expertise

  • Conservation And Biodiversity 050202
  • Population Ecology 060207
  • Community Ecology (Excl. Invasive Species Ecology) 060202
  • Landscape Ecology 050104
  • Ecological Applications 0501

Research interests

All of my research has conservation biology as a central theme, with a focus on how species use whole landscapes, particularly the role of dispersal. I take a range of approaches, including manipulative experiments, natural experiments and the application of population genetic techniques. I place a strong emphasis on testing ecological theory using applied conservation problems.

Projects under way are examining how reptiles, beetles and butterflies respond to habitat fragmentation and degradation, with particular emphasis on the role of dispersal.


PhD, UNI WA, metapopulation ecology of endangered frogs.

CSIRO Post-Doc, Canberra. Impacts of habitat loss and fragmentation on reptiles and beetles in agricultural landscapes.

ARC Post-Doctoral Fellowship, UTAS. Habitat fragmentation and metapopulations.

Lecturer in Biodiversity, Flinders University. Coordinating/teaching a post-graduate biodiversity course. Fire and fragmentation research.

Fellow, Fenner School of Environment and Society, ANU. Ecological synthesis, dispersal, fragmentation and fire research.

Current student projects

  • Melissa Wynn. Invasive species on Christmas Island (ANU)
  • Nicole Hansen. Matrix ecology (ANU)
  • Kat Ng. PhD. Matrix ecology (ANU)
  • Geoff Kay. PhD. Woodland restoration and reptile dispersal (ANU)
  • David Johnson. PhD. Woodland restoration ecology (ANU)
  • Stephanie Pulsford. PhD. Manipulating the matrix to improve connectivity (ANU)
  • Nélida Villaseñor. PhD. Offsets and Urban development (ANU)
  • Laurence Berry. PhD. Fire refuges in Mountain Ash forests. (ANU)
  • Georgiana Storey. PhD. Wombat dispersal and translocations. (ANU)
  • Ben Scheele. PhD. Interactions of climate change and disease; Corroboree frog declines. (ANU)
  • Bianca Dunker. PhD. Plant dispersal, genetics, fire ecology. (Flinders University)
  • Brendon Meulders. PhD. Bird dispersal, genetics and fire ecology. (Flinders University)
  • John Evans. PhD. Beetle dispersal and extinction risk in forest. (ANU)
  • Juliana Lazzari. PhD. Interaction of fire and fragmentation, reptiles (ANU)
  • Nici Sweaney. PhD. Butterfly metapopulations in a novel ecosystem. (ANU)
  • Simone Dalgairns. PhD. Fire Ecology of birds (Flinders University)

Past student projects

  • Rebecca Gibson. PhD. Plant fire ecology. (Wollongong University)
  • Zohara C. Lucas. Hons. Interaction of fire and fragmentation, invertebrates (ANU)
  • Kwan Ling Ho. Hons. Permanent and temporary fire refugia for birds (ANU)
  • Martin Westgate. PhD. Dispersal and fire ecology of frogs (ANU)
  • Mitchell Barbara. 2012 Hons. Matrix succession and small mammals (ANU)
  • Stephanie Pulsford. 2012 Hons. Biological legacies and Forest beetles (ANU)
  • Laurence Berry. 2011 Honours. How fire patchiness influences mallee birds. (ANU)
  • Sacha Jellinek. PhD. Reptiles in fragmented mallee (Melbourne University)
  • Annabel Smith. PhD. Dispersal and fire ecology of reptiles. (ANU)
  • Ben Scheele. 2010. Honours. Climate change impacts on a threatened frog. (ANU, H1)
  • Nici Sweeny. 2010. Honours. Beetle community responses to interactions of fire with retained logs (ANU, H1)
  • Sally South. 2010. Honours. Reptile dispersal and habitat use in response to fire. (Flinders University, H1)
  • Amelia Koch. 2007. PhD.  Maintenance of dead wood as habitat in managed forests. (University of Tasmania)
  • Joel Williams. 2007. Honours. Impact of habitat fragmentation on reptiles. (Flinders University, H1)
  • Brooke Swaffer. 2006. Honours.  Plant invasion after fire.  (Flinders University, H1)
  • Adam Schutz. 2006. Honours. Impact of habitat fragmentation on reptiles. (Flinders University, H1)
  • Amber Liaw. 2004. Honours.  Genetic structuring in the gecko Underwoodisaurus millii. (Flinders University, H2)
  • Rodney Abson. 2003. Masters. Effectiveness of a road underpass as a wildlife corridor. (University of Tasmania)
  • Sacha Jellinek. 2003. Honours. Habitat fragmentation impacts on reptiles in an urban matrix. (University of Tasmania, H1)
  • Nick McKenzie. 2002. Honours. Fox poison-baiting methods in Tasmania. (University of Tasmania, H2)


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