Professor Suhail A. R. Doi

MBBS, MMed, MClinEpid, PhD, FRCP
Honorary Professor of Clinical Epidemiology
T: +97466001271


Prior to joining the Australian National University Dr Doi was Head of the Clinical Epidemiology Unit, Chair of the Population Health Domain of the School of Medicine, Director of Epidemiology programs  and Associate Professor of Clinical Epidemiology at the University of Queensland. He has also worked as a specialist in endocrinology abroad and continues to do so part time after coming to Australia. He has published widely and has more than 160 publications listed on PubMed,  written a core text on clinical epidemiology and edited a book on the methods of clinical epidemiology as part of the Springer Series in Epidemiology and Public Health. He is the primary author (with Dr Lukman Thalib) of the Doi-Thalib method for meta-analysis which was introduced in 2008 as an alternative to the random effects model. He is also the author of the IVhet model of meta-analysis with Dr Jan Barendregt of the University of Queensland. Dr Doi is an Associate Editor of the journal Clinical Medicine & Research and is a reviewer for several journals in Endocrinology, Medicine and  Public Health. His interest lies in research that addresses unanswered questions in patient care as well as questions related to methods of research design and analysis used in Medicine. Thus his research focuses on patient care topics such as epidemiology, prognosis and treatments of disease as well as methodology especially that related to meta-analysis. Specific interests lie in the clinical epidemiology of polycystic ovary syndrome (his group was responsible for defining its pathophysiology in 2005-2006), clinical epidemiologic methods to evaluate prognosis and treatment, pharmacoepidemiologic studies, and population based studies of cancer epidemiology. He has a specific methodologic interest in the refinement and proper use of the meta-analysis methodologies and would welcome inquiries from graduate students interested in this area.

Researcher's projects

Publications on PubMed

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