Dr Mark Dawson

MA (Hons) Auckland PhD Cambridge.
Senior Lecturer
College of Arts and Social Sciences

Areas of expertise

  • British History 210305
  • North American History 210312
  • European History (Excl. British, Classical Greek And Roman) 210307

Research interests

Early modern Britain and the Anglo–Atlantic world, including social inequality; the body, health, and medicine; seventeenth-century English drama and literature.


Mark Dawson was born in Christchurch (Aotearoa/New Zealand) toward the end of last century. Completing undergraduate and postgraduate degrees at the University of Auckland, he was awarded a Prince of Wales Cambridge Commonwealth Trust scholarship for doctoral study in the U.K. He was a student at Cambridge’s youngest college, Wolfson, and spent three hectic years dividing his time between the History and English Faculties. He was awarded the History Faculty’s Members’ prize for work on that famous early modern Cantabrigian, Samuel Pepys. He joined the ANU as associate lecturer in 2005.

Researcher's projects

“Suffering Smallpox in Early Modern England, c.1500–1800”

This project will examine how people’s experiences of and responses to infection were influenced by their social status, gender, and ethnicity. It will also consider the social, cultural, and political implications of living with smallpox in the period before vaccination’s introduction.


Current student projects

Dempsey, S.W., ‘The Transfer of Empire from Britain to England: A Study in Medieval and Early Modern Historical Argument’ (PhD)

Past student projects

Tow, C., ‘Early Modern English Perceptions of the French’ (Hons. 2017).

Gould, E., ‘The Grim Face of Mars: Warfare, Society and Culture in England and Scotland 1296–1360’ (Hons. 2014).

Woodley, K., ‘The Watery Signs: Astrologically Conceptualising Islam in Stuart England’ (Hons. 2014).


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