Dr Negar Davari Ardakani

PhD. General Linguistics, University of Tehran, Tehran/Iran.
Associate Professor, Shahid Beheshti University & Honarary Lecturer Australian National University
ANU College of Arts and Social Sciences and Other ANU Non-College Academic

Areas of expertise

  • Linguistics 2004

Research interests

Language Planning

Language Teaching

Discourse Analysis




Negar Davari Ardakani is an Associate Professor in Shahid Beheshti University, Tehran and has been appointed to CAIS as an honorary lecturer for two years from January 2018. She received her PhD in linguistics from the University of Tehran in 2007. Her doctoral research was a survey of overt and covert Persian language policy in Iran. She has also assessed the status of the Persian language as a symbol of Iranian identity among different social groups of Persian speakers in Tehran, Isfahan, Kurdistan, Zahedan and Azerbaijan. In the last two decades, Negar has been teaching and conducting research in language planning, sociolinguistics and discourse analysis at Shahid Beheshti University and the Academy of Persian Language and Literature.
Her first book on linguistic purism discusses George Thomas’ (1991) linguistic views into purism and scrutinises different puristic approaches towards Persian in the past century. The book was published by Hermes Press in Tehran in 2008. In a book titled A Century of Persian Language Planning (Saghi, Tehran, 2011) she illustrated the overt language policy in Iran throughout the past century. In Persian Language Planning and the Language attitudes of Persian Speakers (2013) she compared the covert language policy in Iran with its overt counterpart. She is a co-author of the chapter titled 'Persian evaluative morphology' in the Edinburgh Handbook of Evaluative Morphology (2015) and her review of Hamid Dabashi's Persophilia (2014) has been published in the American Journal of Islamic Social Sciences (AJISS).
Negar is currently working on a project on teaching Persian as a ‘Language for Specific Purposes’. From 2011 to 2014, she was the Assistant Dean of Research in the faculty of Literature and Humanities, at Shahid Beheshti University, where she was able to contribute to the promotion of academic dialogue through holding several academic events.

Past student projects

Dissertation Supervisor
Lotfali Baheri. 2008. A Survey of Linguistic Attitudes and National Identitity
Componants (Among pre-university students in Ardabil province). Payame
noor University. Tehran.
Tahsin Mostafa. 2008. A Survey of Linguistic Attitudes of pre-university
Students in Kurdestan Province. Payame noor University. Tehran.
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Students in Islamshahr City Towards Lexical Borrowing. Payame
noor University. Tehran.
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case study in Tehran). Payame Noor University. Tehran.
Tahsin Mostafa. 2008. A Survey of Linguistic Attitudes of pre-university
Students in Kurdestan Province. Payame Noor University. Tehran.
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Payame Noor University. Tehran.
Mohammadreza abedini. 2008. The Effect of Cognitive Teaching Strategies
on Comprehension (a study on 1st year highschool students in Eghlid).
Payame noor University. Tehran.
Homa Yaghubi. 2008. Gender differences in Requests(a case study in Sari
City). Payame noor University. Tehran.
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Causes. Payame noor University. Tehran.
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Sayeh Seyyedeyn. 2009. A Study of Linguistic Attitudes of Students in
Isfehan. Payame noor University. Tehran.
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Textbook (On the Basis of Curriculum Planning Principles). Payame Noor
University. Tehran.
Ashraf Fuladi. 2009. A Study of Discourse Analysis Terminology (Towards
Terminolgy Standardization). Payame Noor University. Tehran.
Maryam Rajabi. 2009. Language and Education: A Study of Female Pre-
University Students. Payame Noor University. Tehran.
Habib Ahmadi. 2009. The Study of Bardkhun Dialect. Payame Noor
University. Tehran.
Reza Haddadha. 2009. A Study of European Lexical Borrowings in Persian.
Payame Noor University. Tehran.
Reza Abdi. 2009. A Study of Arabic and English Lexification in Science and
Technology (In Search of a Lexification Model for Persian). Payame Noor
University. Tehran.
Fatemeh Malakuti. 2010. An Analytical Study of Persian Textbooks
Compiled and Used by Iran Language Institute. Payame Noor University.
Meysam Khalilinejad. 2011. A Critical Discourse Analysis of Persian Novel
(A Case Study). Shahid Beheshti University. Tehran.
Hossein Moghani. 2011. Linguistic Attitudes and Globalization (A Case
Study Among the B.S,/B.A. Students of Shahid Beheshti University.
Negar Ilghami. 2011. A Survey of Persian Political Discourse in the Recent
Decade. Shahid Beheshti University. Tehran.
Zohreh Khadem. 2012. A Critical Discourse Analysis of Old Persian
Manuscripts. Shahid Beheshti University. Tehran.
Hamed Bashe Ahangar. 2012. A Critical Discourse Analysis of Persian
Proverbs. Shahid Beheshti University. Tehran.
Minoo Kazerani. 2012. A Critical Discourse Analysis of Humor in Persian (A
Case Study of Ghahveye Talkh). Shahid Beheshti University. Tehran.
Azardokht Jalilian. 2012. Gender and Metadiscourse (A Comparative Study
of Persian and English Articles in Humanities). Shahid Beheshti University.
Zahra Farokhnejad. 2012. An Introduction to Persian Linguistic Ontology.
Shahid Beheshti University. Tehran.
Anahita Farsi. 2012. Graphics in Persian as a Foreign Language
Textbooks. Shahid Beheshti University. Tehran.
Dissertation Advisor
Leila Ansari. 2007. Gender Differences (a case study in Kazerun city).
Payame noor University. Tehran.
Akbar Jafari. 2008. A Study of the Social Aspects of Azari-Persian
Codeswitching( a case study in bilingual pre-university students in Ahar).
Payame noor University. Tehran.
Zahra Jalalzadeh. 2008. A Study of University E-texts and their Language
Planning Requirements. Payame noor University. Tehran.
Najimeh Shahnaghi. 2008. National Identity Symbols in Persian school
Texts. Payame noor University. Tehran.
Gelavij Sheikholeslami. 2008. Language Skills in Persian Literary Works.
Payame noor University. Tehran.
Tahereh Fereydunpur. 2008. Persian Primary School Textbooks in the Past
Century. Payame noor University. Tehran.
Zahra Mirzaniyaye Yazdi. 2008. Language and Power ( a case study in
Tehran Medical University). Payame noor University. Tehran.
Maryam Ghorbani. 2009. A Semantic, Syntactic and Esthetic Study of
Proverbs in Eastern Guilan. P.N.U. Tehran.
Mehrdad Boluk Asli. 2011. Electronic Teaching of Persian as a Foreign
Language.Shahid Beheshti University. Tehran.
Fatemeh Shokuhi. 2011. Collocations in Persian Teaching as a Foreign
Language. Shahid Beheshti University. Tehran.
Azam Jorghani. 2011. An Integrative Approach to Teaching Persian as a
Foreign Language .Shahid Beheshti University. Tehran.
Zahra Mehrabi. 2011. Introducing Persian as a Foreign Language for
Tourists. Shahid Beheshti University. Tehran.

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