Dr Christopher Cvitanovic

Bachelor of Science(Hons); PhD, Fenner School of Environment and Society, ANU
ANU College of Science
T: 02 6125 58157

Research interests

In its broadest sense, Chris' current research is focused on improving the uptake and impact of scientific research among different end-users to facilitate evidence-informed decision-making for sustainable ocean governance.  In doing so Chris has two primary focal research areas:

1. Improving Knowledge exchange among scientists and decision-makers, including:

  · Identifying barriers to knowledge exchange;

  · Understanding options for improved knowledge exchange (e.g.- co-production, knowledge brokers, boundary organisation, etc);

  · Identifying the core capacities needed for improved knowledge exchange (i.e.- the institutional, financial, political, social and individual traits that underpin effective knowledge exchange);

  · The ethics of knowledge exchange; and

  · The influence of trust on knowledge exchange.

2. Stakeholder/community engagement, including:

  · Understanding the importance of social networks, and how to leverage these to build adaptive capacity among communities; and

  · Participatory research approaches, and how they can be tailored to specific circumstances for maximum benefit.

Chris also has a strong interest in understanding the challenges and opportunities for building effective interdisciplinary research teams, with several projects underway to identify the core features underpinning success in interdisciplinary research environments. 


Dr Chris Cvitanovic is an environmental social scientist working to improve the relationship between science, policy and practice to enable evidence-informed decision-making for sustainable ocean futures. In doing so Chris draws on almost ten years of experience working at the interface of science and policy for the Australian Government Department of Environment, and then as a Knowledge Broker in CSIROs Climate Adaptation Flagship.

Chris has published broadly on topics relating to knowledge exchange, stakeholder engagement and marine governance, with papers published in journals including Nature Climate Change, Nature Communications, Nature Ecology and Evolution, Global Environmental Change and the Journal of Environmental Management.  Chris also regularly contributes to several blogs focused on linking science to action, including the LSE Impact Blog and Research to Action.

Chris is a member of the Integrated Marine Biosphere Research (IMBeR) project Scientific Steering Committee and the MarXiv Advisory Board.  He is also the Chair of The Interdisciplinary Marine Early Career Network, and on the Editorial Board of both Reviews in Fish Biology and Fisheries and Socio-Ecological Practice Research. 


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