Dr Ranald Clouston

PhD from the University of Cambridge; MSc, BSc (Hons) and BSc from Victoria University of Wellington
College of Engineering & Computer Science
T: +61 2612 57833

Areas of expertise

  • Computation Theory And Mathematics 0802
  • Computational Logic And Formal Languages 080203
  • Category Theory, K Theory, Homological Algebra 010103

Research interests

I am interested in the application of logic, algebra and category theory to computer science. In particular, I have looked at the ubiquitous computer science notion of names that may be bound, and co-created Nominal Equational Logic for formalisms definable via equations modulated by side conditions regarding the 'freshness' of names.

I am currently interested in generalising this logic to deal with the complex and subtle binding structure that may occur in realistic computing applications.


I obtained my PhD at the University of Cambridge. Prior to that I studied up to Masters level at Victoria University of Wellington.

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