Emeritus Professor Shin-Ho Chung

Ph.D. (Harvard)
ANU College of Science
T: 61 2 61252024

Areas of expertise

  • Physical Organic Chemistry 030505
  • Plasma Physics; Fusion Plasmas; Electrical Discharges 020204
  • Protein Trafficking 060108
  • Medical Biotechnology Diagnostics (Incl. Biosensors) 100402
  • Cell Neurochemistry 060105
  • Biological Physics 029901
  • Catalysis And Mechanisms Of Reactions 030601
  • Quantum Chemistry 030701
  • Bioinformatics 060102
  • Global Change Biology 069902
  • Signal Transduction 060111
  • Cell Metabolism 060104
  • Chemical Thermodynamics And Energetics 030602
  • Nanobiotechnology 100703
  • Atomic And Molecular Physics 020201
  • Applied Statistics 010401
  • Analytical Biochemistry 060101
  • Landscape Ecology 050104
  • Complex Physical Systems 029902
  • Nanoscale Characterisation 100712
  • Receptors And Membrane Biology 060110
  • Biochemistry And Cell Biology 0601
  • Other Biological Sciences 0699
  • Medical Biotechnology 1004

Available student projects

Several subfamilies of biological ion channels which allow sodium ions to move from outside of the cell to inside are important targets for alleviating chronic pain. Many small peptides isolated from venoms of cone snails, known as µ-conotoxins, are potent and specific blockers of sodium channels and thus are potential scaffolds for novel analgesics. Our group has developed reliable structural models for several subfamilies of sodium channels. In this project, using the state-of-the-art computational tools, we will attempt to elucidate in atomic detail how certain toxins extracted from cone snails interfere with sodium-transporting biological ion channels that are involved in the perception of pain. The ultimate goal of this in silico study is  to design and synthesize toxin derivatives  that can be used as novel pharmaceutical agents to combat persistent and chronic pain in human.


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