Dr Seo-Won Chang

Ph.D. in Astronomy, Yonsei University (2014)
OzGrav/CGA Postdoc
ANU College of Science

Areas of expertise

  • Stellar Astronomy And Planetary Systems 020110
  • Astronomical And Space Sciences Not Elsewhere Classified 020199
  • Programming Languages 080308

Research interests

  • Gravitaional-Wave event, Fast Radio Bursts, and Gammy-Ray Burst follow-up observations;
  • Cool Stars and Magnetic Activity: flares, spots, coronal mass ejection and age-rotation-activity relation;
  • Open Clusters as Laboratories: stellar gyrochronology and angular momentum evolution;
  • Large (spatial & temporal) Variability Surveys: variable stars, asteroids and meteors;
  • Tools for Astronomical Big Data: high-precision time-series photometry, noise de-trending technique, machine learning algorithms and high-throughput distributed computing.


  • OzGrav/CGA Post-doctoral Fellow, Australian National University (Jan 2019 ~ Present)
  • CAASTRO Post-doctoral Fellow, Australian National University (Jan 2017 ~ Dec 2019)
  • Post-doctoral researcher, Yonsei University Observatory (Sept 2014 ~ Dec 2016)
  • Research assistant, Near-Earth Space Survey Group, Space Geodesy Division, Korea Astronomy and Space Science Institute (Jan 2008 ~ Dec 2008)

Researcher's projects

  • SkyMapper Southern Sky Survey
  • Alert follow-up for LIGO-Virgo O3 run

  • DR3 WOMAT (Wide-field, Optical searches for M-dwarf Blue flares at Any Time) project
  • DR3 WOMAT low-|B|urrow project
  • DR3 dm-dt-filter classification algorithm for variables in preparation for LSST era
  • DR3 SkyMapper small bodies exploration

  • KMTNet Thirty Minutes Time-domain (TMT) Follow-up Program, 2020


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