Dr Andrew Carr

Doctor of Philosophy in Government (University of Canberra), BA. Hons (1st) (University of Canberra) BA. Coms (University of Canberra)
Research Fellow, Strategic and Defence Studies Centre
ANU College of Asia and the Pacific

Areas of expertise

  • Australian Government And Politics 160601
  • International Relations 160607
  • Defence Studies 160604
  • Government And Politics Of Asia And The Pacific 160606

Research interests

Andrew's research interests include Australian foreign and strategic policy, defence studies, middle powers, strategy, and Asia-Pacific security.



Andrew Carr is a Senior Lecturer in the Strategic and Defence Studies Centre at the Australian National University. His publications include work on Australian foreign and strategic policy, defence studies, middle power theory and Asia-Pacific security.

His latest book Winning the Peace: Australia's campaigns to change the Asia-Pacific (MUP, 2015) examines how Australia has tried to influence Asia's security and economic order. He is the co-editor of Asia-Pacific Security: An Introduction (Georgetown University Press 2016) and Australian Foreign Policy: Controversies and Debates (Oxford University Press, 2014). Andrew is also the editor of the Centre of Gravity policy paper series, and a co-editor of the peer-reviewed journal Security Challenges.

Dr Carr is a frequent media commentator for both Australian and Southeast Asian press. Andrew previously worked as Associate Editor for the Lowy Institute for International Policy and is a recipient of the Herbert Burton Medal from the University of Canberra


A regularly updated list of Andrew's publications and book reviews is avilable at http://andrewcarr.org

Researcher's projects

The Defence of Australia: A History

This project aims to produce the first comprehensive history of the 'Defence of Australia' policy over the 1970s to 1990s. This project explores one of the most consequential periods in Australian defence policy and provide a detailed account of the development of Australian strategic thinking during this period. It examines the key strategic concepts such as self-reliance, warning time and force-in-being, along with the political, military and economic debates over Australian defence policy.


Strategy and Time

The role of time is as fundamental to the conduct of strategy as geography. Yet time as a strategic concept is much less well mapped. This project seeks to explore how time influences the conduct, development and implementation of strategy.  A key case study of this project examines the debate over US policy in Asia and the various timeframes held by advocates of the major positions.


Past student projects

Past supervision topics include


Coping with Uncertainty in International Verification


Indonesia's Naval Modernisation

Rethinking the risks in Australia's Liquid Fuel supply

The impact of Indonesian Economic Growth on Australia's Strategic Environment


Stop the Boats - The costs of Australia's approach to irregular migration on the Australian Defence Force

Living under Giants: Middle Powers and the Concert of Asia


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