Dr Melanie Carmody

CSIRO SynBio Future Science Fellow
College of Science

Areas of expertise

  • Plant Physiology 060705
  • Plant Biology 0607
  • Plant Cell And Molecular Biology 060702
  • Synthetic Biology 060113

Available student projects

Synthetic biology approaches to optimising naturally occuring bioswitches in plants

This is a joint project between the Research School of Biology (RSB), the Research School of Chemistry (RSC), and CSIRO. Projects could include development of synthetic circuitry and biocomponents, site-directed mutagenesis of key sensor/switch proteins, directed evolution, in vivo testing of functionality in N. Benthamiana, and CRISPR transformation of Arabidopsis and crop plants. There is also scope to develop new ROS/REDOX biosensors for use in a broad range of biosystems. A preliminary focus of this project is on the SAL1 bioswitch and its activation of drought tolerance mechanisms in plants.

More information

See Waszczak, Carmody, and Kangasjärvi (2018) Annu Rev Plant Biol; Pornsiriwong et al (2017) eLife; Chan et al (2016) Annu Rev Plant Biol; Chan et al (2016) PNAS plus earlier papers by our group, including Estavillo et al 2011 Plant Cell

Possible Techniques: molecular and chemical genetics, biochemistry, LC- and GC-MS, drought stress physiology, synthetic biology.

See http://biology.anu.edu.au/people/barry-pogson; http://biology.anu.edu.au/research/labs/pogson-lab-chloroplast-nuclear-signalling-light-drought-and-carotenoids and http://www.plantenergy.uwa.edu.au for background into our lab and our major collaborators.


Projects and Grants

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