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Dr Judith Cameron

B.A. (ANU), Grad. Dip. Chinese Art and Archaeology (SOAS), M. Phil. (Griffith), PhD (ANU)
ARC Future Fellow, School of Culture, History & Language
ANU College of Asia and the Pacific

Areas of expertise

  • Archaeology Of Asia, Africa And The Americas 210103

Research interests

Southeast Asian Archaeology, Textile Technology, Women, Vietnam, South China


My research focus is archaeological textiles, a generic term for a wide range of prehistoric fibre artefacts including cordage, basketry, matting and textiles and the tools used to produce them.  The aim of the research is to use this specilialized data to provide insights into central issues in Southeast Asian prehistory.

Career highlights

ARC Future Fellow 2013-18 Chief Investigator

ARC Research Fellow 2008-2011 Chief Investigator

ARC International Fellow 2007

ARC Fellowship 2004-7

The results of my recent ARC Future Fellowship (2013-2016) to investigate the archaeological evidence for long-distance trade and interaction on the Maritime Silk Route far exceeded expectations. Excavations at Hoa Loc in Thanh Hoa Province yielded evidence for the earliest Neolithic stone workshop in Vietnam as well new radicarbon dates that now assign the Hoa Loc site to the Early Neolithic. 

An earlier highlight of my career was the discovery and successful recovery (with Prof. Peter Bellwood) of a complete textile shroud from a waterlogged Dongson boat-burial from Dong Xa in the Red River region of northern Vietnam in 2004. The find was significant in Vietnamese archaeology as it was the first complete shroud and Dongson clothing found. The excavation funded, by the ARC, was a joint Australian/Vietnamese Archaeology Project with the National Museum of Australia and written up in Science, 21 April 2006, 312, p. 360.  

Researcher's projects

Over the past decade, I have been involved as the textile specialist on the following international archaeology projects in Southeast Asia and the Pacific:

  • Hoa Loc Revisited Project with Professor Bui Van Liem, Vietnam Institute of Archaeology (current)
  • Tianluoshan Project with Professor Sun Guoping (Zhejiang Institute of Cultural Relics and Archaeology and Tianluoshan Site Museum (current)
  • Zhejiang Neolithic Cloth Production with the China National Silk Museum (current) 
  • The Maritime Silk Route: West meets East Chief Investigator
  • The Origins of Angkor Project directed by Prof. Charles Higham (University of Otago) and Dr Rachanie Thosarat (The Fine Arts Department of Thailand)
  • The Origins of Complex Societies in Sulawesi Project (OXIS) directed by Dr David Bulbeck (ANU) and Prof. Bagyo Prasetyo (Indonesian National Research Centre for Archaeology)
  • The Rapa Island Project directed by Prof. Atholl Anderson (Australian National University) and Prof. Douglas Kennett (University of Oregon)
  • The Origins of Rice Project (SAJOR) directed by the late Prof. Scotty McNeish (Andover Foundation), Prof. Yan Wenming (Peking University) and the Jiangxi Institute of Archaeology
  • The Thai/Italian Archaeological Lopburi Regional Archaeological Project directed by Dr Fiorella Rispoli and Dr Roberto Ciarla  (Italian Institute for Africa and the Orient) and Surapol Natapintu (Fine Arts Department of Thailand).
  • The Niah Cave Project directed by Prof. Graeme Barker (University of Cambridge) ARC International Fellowship to J. Cameron 2007
  • The Dong Son Textile Project, a joint Australian/Vietnamese ARC funded project directed by Prof. Peter Bellwood  (ANU), Dr Nguyen Viet and Dr Bui Van Liem (Institute of Archaeology, Hanoi) with conservators from the National Museum of Australia. ARC Post-doctoral Fellowship awarded to J. Cameron 2004-2007 
  • The Indian Textile Project ARC Research Fellowship 2008-2012 Chief Investigator
  • The Archaeology of Batujaya Project led by Prof. Pierre-Yves Manguin (EFEO) and the Urasan Arkeologi Nasional (Indonesia)


Projects and Grants

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