Professor John Braithwaite

B.A. (University of Queensland), Ph.D (University of Queensland)
Distinguished Professor, College of Asia and the Pacific
College of Asia & the Pacific

Areas of expertise

  • Health Policy 160508
  • Taxation Law 180125
  • Public Policy 160510
  • Police Administration, Procedures And Practice 160205
  • Intellectual Property Law 180115
  • Public Administration 160509
  • Industrial And Organisational Psychology 170107
  • International Law (Excl. International Trade Law) 180116
  • Litigation, Adjudication And Dispute Resolution 180123
  • Corporations And Associations Law 180109
  • Defence Studies 160604
  • Political Theory And Political Philosophy 160609
  • Social And Community Psychology 170113
  • Legal Institutions (Incl. Courts And Justice Systems) 180120
  • Administrative Law 180103
  • Legal Theory, Jurisprudence And Legal Interpretation 180122
  • Law And Society 180119
  • Equity And Trusts Law 180112
  • International Relations 160607
  • Causes And Prevention Of Crime 160201
  • Criminology 1602

Research interests

Professor Braithwaite has a personal website on War|Crime|Regulation available at


John Braithwaite is a Professor and Founder of RegNet (the Regulatory Institutions Network) at the Australian National University .

He has been working since 2004 on a 25-year comparative project called 'Peacebuilding Compared', with various co-authors and  Camille McMahon. He works on a variety of areas of business regulation and on the crime problem. His best known work is on the ideas of responsive regulation and restorative justice.

John Braithwaite has been active in social movement politics around these and other ideas for 50 years in Australia and internationally. His most recent book is 'Pharmaceuticals, Corporate Crime and Public Health' (2014) co-authored with G. Dukes and J.P. Moloney.

Researcher's projects

  • Peacebuilding Compared (


Projects and Grants

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