Dr Timothée Bonnet

Post-doctoral researcher
College of Science

Areas of expertise

  • Evolutionary Impacts Of Climate Change 060306
  • Life Histories 060308
  • Population Ecology 060207
  • Population, Ecological And Evolutionary Genetics 060411
  • Biostatistics 010402

Research interests

How fast is genetic evolution nowadays in wild plants and animals? Does evolution over a few decades alter ecological interactions, population dynamics, and ultimately the fate of populations facing changing environments? What role does hybridisation play in recent evolution?

I try and address these questions using a combination of theoretical models and empirical studies of long-term monitored populations.



  • 2017-present : Post-doctoral researcher at Research School of Biology, The Australian National University. Loeske Kruuk's lab.
  • 2019-present : Consultant for the Biological Data Science Institute, The Australian University.
  • 2016-2017 : Post-doctoral researcher at the Department of Evolutionary Biology and Environmental Studies, Zürich University. Forschungkredit grant. Arpat Ozgul group. "Demographic consequences of contemporary evolution in a wild rodent population"
  • 2012-2016 : PhD cum laude at the Department of Evolutionary Biology and Environmental Studies, Zürich University. Erik Postma group. "Individual-level causes and population-level consequences of variation in fitness in an Alpine rodent".
  • 2011-2012 : Master student Evolutionary Biology and Ecology at Montpellier University, France. Research project with R. Leblois, F. Rousset, and P.A. Crochet : "A reassessment of explanations fordiscordant introgressions of mitochondrialand nuclear genomes"
  • 2010-2011 : Gap year internships at the CEES (Oslo University, Norway) "Hybrid identification and hybrid-speciation" ; and at the CEBC (CNRS, France) "Demographic consequences of agricultural practices in the common vole".
  • 2008-2012 :  Agronomy, biology, and ecology ingineer school at Supagro Montpellier, France.

Researcher's projects

  • Quantitative genetic estimation for non-Gaussian traits
  • Measuring contemporary evolution across vertebrate wild populations
  • Quantitative genetics of the superb fairy-wren mating system
  • Demographic consequences of contemporary evolution

Current student projects

  • 2019 PhD chapter by Lauren Harrison co-supervised with Prof. Michael Jennions "Demography and the Opportunity for Selection."
  • 2019 PhD chapter by Eve Cooper co-supervised with Prof. Loeske Kruuk "Sensecence in the superb fairywren."

Past student projects

  • 2014-2015. Master Project by Andres Hagmayer (now PhD student at Wageningen University and research, the Netherlands) co-supervised with Dr. Erik Postma "Selective forces and evolutionary potential of metabolism in a wild snow vole population."
  • 2014-2016. Four 3-weeks projects for 3rd year students during a course ‘Principles of Evolution’. 


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