Dr Tapas Biswas

BScAg (Hons), GDip GIS&RS, MSc, PhD
Honorary Senior Academic
ANU College of Science
T: +61 409 444 379

Areas of expertise

  • Environmental Science And Management 0502
  • Environmental Monitoring 050206
  • Ecohydrology 370702
  • Freshwater Ecology 310304
  • Climate Change Impacts And Adaptation 4101
  • Natural Resource Management 410406

Research interests

Water quality monitoring, modelling and management

River productivity and ecology

Climate change, natural hazards and water resources

Environmental flow

Land and water resources management


Dr Tapas Biswas has 34 years of research, teaching and consultancy experience in global water resources management. He has worked in a number of countries doing research and teaching in the field of environmental science. Dr Biswas’s current research include River Basin water quality risk monitoring, modelling, forecasting and management, river productivity and health (carbon, nutrients, phytoplankton, metabolism), climate change and bushfires impact on water resources. His recent work with water quality digital sensors forms a critical part of the Australia’s first satellite mission, to monitor water quality from space.

During his research, besides working in several Australian Organisations, Dr Biswas spent time at the US Salinity Laboratory and University of California at Riverside (USA); The Agricultural Research Organisation (Israel), Technical University of Berlin (Germany), International Rice Research Institute (Philippines), Indian Agricultural Research Institute (New Delhi, India), US Dept of Agriculture at Fresno (USA), China Institute of Hydropower and Hydraulics Research (Beijing, China), Nong Lam University (Vietnam), Dhaka University (Bangladesh), and Irrigation and Drainage Institute (Al-Hasa, Saudi Arabia).  

Dr Biswas has over 120 publications including international journals, conference proceedings and client reports. He serves as a guest editor for the ‘Soil Research’ journal and is on the editorial board of ‘Journal of South Pacific Agriculture’ and ‘Journal of Crop and Weed’. He is a honorary professor with the NSHM, a fellow of the International Organisation for Biotechnology & Bioengineering (IOBB), Vice-Chair of the NCWRI of the International Commission on Irrigation & Drainage (ICID), and executive committee member of the International Water Association (IWA) and Asia-Oceania Group on Earth Observations (AOGEO).

Researcher's projects

2021-22: Gippsland Lake Ramsar Site Bushfire vulnerability assessmet. 

2021-22: Rive Murray environmental monitoring plan

2021-22: AquaWatch remote sensing of inland water quality monitoring and forecasting.

2020-21: River Murray Channel Productivity Monitoring.

2021: Shoalhaven City Council/Alluvium, SE catchment bushfire recovery plan.

2019–20: Monitoring productivity outcomes of the 2019 River Murray Channel multi-site water.

Past student projects

Incorporating agricultural analysis into hypoxic blackwater modelling to improve forecasting of future events - Jimmy Parascos (Hons student)


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