Dr Philip Barton

B.Sc. M.Sc. (Deakin) Ph.D. (ANU)
Honorary Senior Lecturer, Fenner School of Environment and Society
ANU College of Science
T: (02) 6125 9389

Areas of expertise

  • Community Ecology (Excl. Invasive Species Ecology) 060202
  • Ecosystem Function 050102
  • Forensic Biology 069901
  • Invertebrate Biology 060808

Available student projects

If you are highly motivated, have strong writing and data analysis skills, and want to do a PhD on insect ecology, please contact me to discuss potential projects.

Current student projects


Catherine Ross, PhD Scholar

Thesis topic: Ecosystem engineering: how does the reintroduction of locally extinct native mammals affect soil condition, plant and invertebrate diversity in Mulligan’s Flat Woodland Sanctuary? (co-supervised with Prof Adrian Manning (ANU), Prof Sue McIntyre (CSIRO), Prof Saul Cunningham (ANU)).

Wendy Neilan, PhD Scholar

Thesis topic: Landscape change and bird functional diversity. (co-supervised with Prof David Lindenmayer (ANU) and Prof Clive McAlpine (UQ)).

Emma Spencer, PhD Scholar (University of Sydney)

Thesis topic: The ecological role of carrion in Australian ecosystems. (co-supervised with Dr Tom Newsome (USyd), Dr Aaron Grenville (USyd), Prof Chris Dickman USyd)).

Blake Dawson, PhD Scholar (University of Wollongong)

Thesis topic: Comparison of the entomofauna colonising dead pigs and humans. Co-supervised with Prof James Wallman (UoW).



Past student projects

Kat Ng, PhD Scholar. Completed 2018.

Thesis topic: From plantings to the paddock: are ground-dwelling beetles and beneficial arthropods moving through fragmented agricultural landscapes? (co-supervised with Prof David Lindenmayer (ANU), Prof Don Driscoll (Deakin), Dr Sarina Macfadyen (CSIRO), Dr Sue McIntyre (CSIRO)).

Tim Andrewartha, Honours scholar. Completed 2017.

Thesis topic: Fox responses to novel odours in a landscape, Canberra ACT. (co-supervised with Dr Will Batson (ACT Gov) and Prof Adrian Manning (ANU)).

Yong Ding Li, PhD Scholar. Completed 2017.

Thesis topic: Cross-taxon surrogacy in modified landscapes. (co-supervised with Prof David Lindenmayer (ANU) and Prof Saul Cunningham (ANU)).

Ciara Fitzgerald, MSc Scholar. Completed 2017

Thesis topic: Response of insects to luminous pavements, Canberra ACT. (co-supervised with Dr Karen Ikin (ANU)).

Christine Mauger, Honours scholar. Completed 2017

Thesis topic: Native animal responses to predator odours, Canberra ACT. (co-supervised with Dr Will Batson (ACT Gov) and Prof Adrian Manning (ANU)).

Stephanie Pulsford, PhD Scholar. Completed 2017

Thesis topic: Easy and cost effective methods for improving connectivity of poor dispersing reptiles, frogs and invertebrates in south-east Australia. (co-supervised with Prof David Lindenmayer (ANU), Prof Don Driscoll (Deakin)).

Claire Foster, PhD Scholar. Completed 2016.

Thesis topic: The interactive effects of grazing and fire on vegetation and its dependent biota. (co-supervised with Prof David Lindenmayer (ANU) and Dr Chloe Sato (ANU)).



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