Dr Danielle Barth

BA Linguistics (Rice University), MA Linguistics (University of Oregon), PhD Linguistics (University of Oregon)
Lecturer, CHL
College of Asia & the Pacific
T: 02 6125 6145

Areas of expertise

  • Linguistics 2004
  • Linguistic Structures (Incl. Grammar, Phonology, Lexicon, Semantics) 200408

Research interests

Corpus Linguistics, Typology, Complex Predicates, Oceanic Languages, languages of Papua New Guinea, Cognitive Linguistics, Usage-based Linguistics, Language Variation, Language Contact, Pidgins and Creoles, Grammaticalization, Speech Styles, Statistical Modelling, Language as a Probabilistic System

Researcher's projects

Social Cognition Parallax Interview Corpus (SCOPIC): scopicproject.wordpress.com

Matukar Panau Documentation: matukar.wordpress.com

Understanding Corpus Linguistics (Textbook in preparation, with Stefan Schnell)

Barth Lab

Available student projects

ANU is accepting PhD applications.

I am interested in students looking to do corpus-based documentation or usage-based variation projects of corpus data, particularly for endangered languages, languages of the Pacific and Papua New Guinea, and Oceanic languages.

Contact me & look at:


Current student projects


"Building and Analysing Datasets; Speech Recognition for Indonesian Language Classrooms and Resources" - Zara Maxwell-Smith


Associate Supervisor:

"Computational methods in aid of transcription and linguistics analysis, using the Southern New Guinea language Nen as a case study" - Sahlia Muradoglu

"Semantics of landscape terms in Chinese" - Emma Rao

"Social variation in the English of Chinese-Australians" - Qiao Gan



"Dative Alternation in Tok Pisin - a quantitative corpus study" - Anastasia Likouresis


"Directional Constructions in Matukar Panau - a quantitative corpus study" - Kira Davey



Computational methods in aid of transcription and linguistics analysis, using the Southern New Guinea language Nen as a case study

Past student projects

Associate Supervisor:

"Variation in Raga - a quantitative and qualitative study of the language of North Pentecost, Vanuatu" - Marie-France Duhamel



"Placing spatial language and cognition in context through an investigate of Bininj Kunwok navigation talk" - Claudia Cialone



Computer Science Student Research Projects:

"Topic Modelling on Endangered Language" - Bing Bo

co-supervised with Dr Gabriela Ferraro


"Natural Language Processing for Small Languages" - Yufeng Fang

co-supervised with Qiongkai Xu & Dr Gabriela Ferraro


Projects and Grants

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