Professor Christian Barry

PhD, M.Phil, MA (Philosophy) Columbia University
Director, Research School of Social Sciences and Professor of Philosophy
ANU College of Arts and Social Sciences
T: +61 (2) 61252449

Areas of expertise

  • Political Theory And Political Philosophy 160609
  • Environmental Philosophy 500304
  • Ethical Theory 500306

Research interests

Christian Barry is Director of the Research School of Social Sciences at the ANU,  Co-Editor of Political Philosophy, and Associate Editor at Ethics. His research focuses on ethical theory, philosophy of action, and international justice. His recent work include books with Sanjay Reddy, International Trade and Labour Standards: A Proposal for Linkage (Columbia University Press), Gerhard Øverland, Responding to Global Poverty: Harm, Responsibility and Agency (Cambridge University Press) and articles in Ethics, Philosophy & Public Affairs, Journal of Political Philosophy, and Politics, Philosophy and Economics, among other leading philosophy, law, and politics journals. He currently holds an Australian Reasearch Council Discovery Grant for the project The Ethics of Net Zero, and is working on a book on that topic with Garrett Cullity.


Christian Barry was educated at Columbia University in New York, receiving his PhD in philosophy in 2005. Prior to joining the ANU, he was a program officer at the Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs (Justice & the World Economy),  a consultant to the Human Development Report Office at the United Nations Development Program, and a Lecturer in Politics and International Relations at University College Dublin.  His work has been supported by grants  and fellowships from the Ford Foundation, the Research Council of Norway, and the Australian Research Council, the Institute for Futures Studies (Stockholm), Global Priorities Institute (Oxford) and the Population Well-Being Initiative (UT Austin)



Researcher's projects

Some recent publications:


2024 (w/Seth Lazar) Supererogation and Optimisation Australasian Journal of Philosophy

2023 (w/Garrett Cullity) Another Shake of the Bag: Stefansson and Willners on Offsetting and Risk Imposition (2023) Ethics, Policy, and the Environment

2023 (w/Garrett Cullity) Do We Impose Undue Risk When We Emit and Offset? A Reply to Stefansson Ethics, Policy, and the Environment

2022 (w/Garrett Cullity) Offsetting and Risk-Imposition Ethics

2022 (w/Emily McTernan) A Puzzle of Enforceability: Why do Moral Duties Differ in their Enforceabiity? Journal of Moral Philosophy

Forthcoming w/Kerah Gordon-Solman, The Doing and Allowing Distinction In David Copp, Connie Rosati and Tina Ruli eds. The Oxford Handbook to Normative Ethics (Oxford: Oxford University Press)



Available student projects

Luara Ferracioli: Morality in Migration (PhD awarded) Chair

Joanne Lau: Political Obligation and the Civil Dead (PhD awarded) Chair

Alejandra Mancilla:A Cosmpolitan Right of Necessity (PhD awarded) Panel

Rosa Terlazzo: Adaptive Preferences and Children's Options (PhD awarded) Panel

Stephanie Collins:The Scope of Dependence-Based Duties (PhD awarded) Panel

John Harrington: The Failure To Constrain Corporate Social Injury:The State, the Stakeholder and the Fiduciary (PhD awarded) Chair

Jonathan Pickering: Fair climate policy in an unequal world: characterising responsibilities and designing institutions for national mitigation and international finance (PhD awarded) Chair

Robert Kirby: The Beneficiary Pays Principle and Climate Change (PhD awarded) Chair

Kerrie O'Rourke: Corporate Ethics Codes (PhD awarded) Panel

Chad Lee-Stronach: Ethics and Risk (PhD awarded) Panel

Susan Pennings: Health care with limited resources: Ethics, epidemiology and public policy(PhD awarded) Chair

Shang Long Yeo: Debunking Arguments in Ethics (PhD awarded) Chair

Chris Lernpass: Diachronic Choice in Ethics (PhD awarded) Chair

Serrin Rutledge-Prior Cutting out the middleperson:An interests-based account ofanimals’ legal inclusion" (PhD awarded) Panel

Kirsten Mann: The Relevance View: Aggregation and the Structure of Reasons (PhD awarded) Chair


Current student projects


PhD Projects

Max Fedoseev: Responsibility for Structural Injustice

James Edgar Lim: The Ethics of Social Sanctioning (under examination)

Nicholas Carroll:The Ethics of Immigration Detention



Projects and Grants

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