Dr Meera Ashar

Director, South Asia Research Institute
ANU College of Asia and the Pacific
T: +61 2 61252686

Research interests


Colonial and Modern South Asia; British Empire; Western India and Pakistan; Colonial Education; Identity, Selfhood and Belonging; Coloniality and Postcolonialism; Legal Histories; Gandhi; Keywords, Categories and Concepts of Politics; History of Ideas. 



Meera Ashar's research interests lie at the intersection of history, political theory and literary studies. Her work addresses questions about identity, self-representation, colonialism and postcolonialism. She is currently completing a manuscript on the controversial nineteenth-century novel, Saraswatichandra, and has recently started work on a set of oral folk narratives that were compiled and published as ‘children’s stories’ in the late colonial period. Meera is also working on a collaborative project on broader questions of colonial education that will start with an examination of debates on education in India and Hong Kong and later hopes to include other postcolonial nations.

Meera is the Director of the South Asia Research Institute (SARI) and the Secretary of the South Asian Studies Association of Australia (SASAA). She has previously worked as an Assistant Professor at the City University of Hong Kong and has been an LM Singhvi Fellow at the Centre of South Asian Studies at the University of Cambridge. 

Meera reads and writes in several South Asian languages and in a couple of European ones.

Researcher's projects

Everyday Pasts: Goverdhanram's Saraswatichandra and the Quest for Modernity in Gujarat (Book manuscript)

Ways of Belonging: Discourses of the Nation and Desh in South Asia 

The 1862 Maharaj Libel Case

Folk Children's Stories from Western India 

Cultures of Learning: Education and Instruction in Colonial Western India 
Comparative Perspectives on Colonial Education in Asia and the Pacific (with Dr. Hongling Liang)

Everyday English Keywords in South Asia (with Prof. Craig Jeffrey and A/Prof Assa Doron)

Current student projects

PhD students

Mark Jones (Chair of Phd Committee)
Thesis title: Rule of law for Zomia: Colonial Rule in Kumaon

Ben Langley (Chair of PhD Committee)
Thesis title: Reorganisation of states and state formation in Postcolonial India

Mizanur Rahman (Chair of Phd Committee)

Nonie Tuxen (Supervisor)
Thesis title: Desiring Overseas Education: accumulating capital in the "new" urban Indian middle class

Past student projects

Completed PhD students

Megan Downes (Supervisor)
Thesis title: Tradition and modernity: Negotiating constructed binaries in Indonesian popular culture 

Maria Myutel (Supervisor)
Thesis title: Media representation of Indian diaspora in Indonesia

Lisa Stewart (Adviser)
Thesis title: Going with the Flow: Social Context, Uncertainty and Decision Making

Completed MPhil students

Mark Jones
Thesis title: From Zomia to Cosmopolitanism 

Completed Honours students

Felix Pal
Thesis title: Everyday Communalisms: How Hindu Nationalist constructions of citizenship 
affect Indian Muslim perceptions of their own 'Indianness' 

Ben Langley
Thesis title: Elephants watching Dragons- The changing perceptions of China in India from 1947 to the present. 

Mirabella Wawn
Thesis title: The Concept of Corruption in India

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