A facility for Sensitive and Precise Isotopic Dating of Earth's and extraterrestrial Rocks


  • Associate Professor Yuri Amelin (Primary Investigator)
  • Dr Richard Armstrong (Secondary Investigator)
  • Mark Barley (Secondary Investigator)
  • Emeritus Professor Victoria Bennett (Secondary Investigator)
  • Emeritus Professor Ian H. Campbell (Secondary Investigator)
  • Raymond Cas (Secondary Investigator)
  • A R Chivas (Secondary Investigator)
  • Anthony Dosseto (Secondary Investigator)
  • Tezer Esat (Secondary Investigator)
  • Dr Michael Gagan (Secondary Investigator)
  • Massimo Gasparon (Secondary Investigator)
  • Paul Hoskin (Secondary Investigator)
  • Professor Trevor Ireland (Secondary Investigator)
  • Anthony Kemp (Secondary Investigator)
  • Kurt Michael Knesel (Secondary Investigator)
  • Dr D.C. "Bear" McPhail (Secondary Investigator)
  • Ian Metcalfe (Secondary Investigator)
  • Colin V Murray-Wallace (Secondary Investigator)
  • Dr Marc Norman (Secondary Investigator)
  • Richard Roberts (Secondary Investigator)

Grant status


Grant start date


Grant funding

  • 2010: $450,000 from Australian Research Council (ARC)

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