Use of simulation modelling to guide mental health planning - A pilot study in the ACT. (Phase 1: Proof of concept trialling of the Al-enabled toolkit using historical local data from 2016)


  • Professor Luis Salvador-Carulla (Primary Investigator)
  • Lauren Anthes (Secondary Investigator)
  • Dr Nasser Bagheri (Secondary Investigator)
  • Amanda Bresnan (Secondary Investigator)
  • William Campos (Secondary Investigator)
  • Shauna Gaebler (Secondary Investigator)
  • C. R. García-Alonso (Secondary Investigator)
  • James Gillespie (Secondary Investigator)
  • Clara Ha (Secondary Investigator)
  • Carmen Jane Huckel Schneider (Secondary Investigator)
  • Lisa Kelly (Secondary Investigator)
  • Helen Killaspy (Secondary Investigator)
  • Professor Emily Lancsar (Secondary Investigator)
  • David McDaid (Secondary Investigator)
  • Elizabeth Mossup (Secondary Investigator)
  • McGeorge Peter (Secondary Investigator)
  • Daniel Rock (Secondary Investigator)
  • Dr Sebastian Rosenberg (Secondary Investigator)
  • Amber Shuhyta (Secondary Investigator)
  • Fran Silvestri (Secondary Investigator)
  • Jennifer Smith-Merry (Secondary Investigator)
  • Graham Thornicroft (Secondary Investigator)
  • Simon Viereck (Secondary Investigator)

Grant status


Grant start date


Grant funding

  • 2019: $100,000 from BUPA Foundation
  • 2020: $75,000 from BUPA Foundation

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