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The Australian National University

Sustainable Futures through Understanding Past Human Responses to Environmental Change


  • Professor Simon Haberle (Primary Investigator)
  • Alison Venetia Betts (Secondary Investigator)
  • Dave Bharat (Secondary Investigator)
  • David D Bowman (Secondary Investigator)
  • Kenneth Collerson (Secondary Investigator)
  • Bruno David (Secondary Investigator)
  • Kliti Grice (Secondary Investigator)
  • Hendrik Heijnis (Secondary Investigator)
  • Arnold Peter Kershaw (Secondary Investigator)
  • Samuel Nan Chian Lieu (Secondary Investigator)
  • Ian Ashley Lilley (Secondary Investigator)
  • Jane Lydon (Secondary Investigator)
  • Michael John Morwood (Secondary Investigator)
  • Timothy Andrew Murray (Secondary Investigator)
  • Donald Pate (Secondary Investigator)
  • Daniel T Potts (Secondary Investigator)
  • Richard Roberts (Secondary Investigator)
  • Michael Smith (Secondary Investigator)
  • Robin Torrence (Secondary Investigator)
  • Peter M Veth (Secondary Investigator)
  • Jennifer M Webb (Secondary Investigator)
  • Martin A Williams (Secondary Investigator)

Grant status


Grant start date


Grant funding

  • 2003: $10,000 from ARC - Australian Research Council

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